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Curling to Win

Curling to Win

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Curling to Win is the 1986 curling manual authored by Ed Lukowich, Al Hackner and Rick Lang, with contributions from Ed Werenich and Marilyn Darte (now Bodogh).


It was the second book in a trilogy of manuals led by Lukowich, who published The Curling Book in 1981 and Power Curling in 1993.


While the Roaring Game has moved forward with rule changes and technology, Curling to Win remains a popular read even to this day. The most popular book in Lukowich's trilogy, Curling to Win is more than a strategy manual — it contains information on delivery secrets, improving your attitude, getting the best out of your teammates, coping with pressure and planning your curling season, with an entire chapter dedicated to “the finer points.”


Long out of print but often seen on a curling veteran’s bookshelf, a handful of mint editions of Curling to Win is now available from Curling Cares.

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